AWP 2020 – San Antonio, TX

This diner is in Austin because I’m here now.

AWP – Booth 1418 – March 5-7 / Whale Prom – March 7

If you’re a writer, publisher, or book enthusiast coming out to AWP this year in San Antonio, please read on to learn what Brooklyn Arts Press / Augury Books has planned for you!

Nothing. We have nothing planned.

Between the coronavirus freaking everyone out, last minute cancelations, and my finger getting sliced open in an Uber en route to the airport (which led to a fun tetanus shot in Austin), it’s been decided that we are going to wing it. Everything. We are winging everything.

Which so far has been awesome. They have breakfast tacos here that put your breakfast tacos to shame. The weather is a comfy 68 degrees. I just watched The Invisible Man at the Alamo Drafthouse and might go swimming today, because people swim here. We’re living life to the fullest with a hybrid rental and friends to knock back drinks with. A grackle swooped down to attack me this morning, because Texas, and I’m happy to report that following some bargaining involving a tostada, we are now friends, and he will be staying with us in Brooklyn this summer. See if I’m kidding.

Here is what we can promise. Next week, starting Thursday March 5th, we will be selling some of the best small press books on the market at Booth 1418 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, where they keep inventing the Alamo. We will be sporting two enormous bottles of Purell and unmitigated pride in what we do. We will arm-bump you, we will discuss literature and movies and Netflix with you, we will be collecting your hotel toiletries to hand out to Haven For Hope, a nonprofit center for the homeless that sports a teaching campus and living facilities. Awesome blossom. Concurrently, on Saturday the 7th, we will have a table at Whale Prom, that iconoclastic anti-AWP popup where all the cool and anti-cool kids hang out. Our book discounts will be so amazing that people will ask if we’re kidding.

Come see if we’re kidding.