Arisa White chosen as one of Jane Wong’s books for discussion for Poetry Society of America

Who’s Your Daddy
Arisa White

“When I read the line “Am I the site of abandonment?” in Arisa White’s Who’s Your Daddy, I felt something unmoored within me rattle. I found White’s book after writing my memoir (which engages my absent father), and I so badly wish I had this book with me during the writing process. Hybrid poetry and memoir, Who’s Your Daddy moves with narrative and evocative intensity—negotiating White’s estranged relationship with her father through Guyanese proverbs, Shango dreams, and ancestral voices. I underlined nearly every sentence…”

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WHO’S YOUR DADDY by Arisa White named Finalist for Three Awards

We’re excited to congratulate Arisa White on the honor of having her poetic-memoir WHO’S YOUR DADDY named as a Finalist for three significant awards over the past three months:

  • 2022 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry
  • 2022 Maine Literary Award for Memoir
  • 2022 Golden Crown Literary Award for Poetry

Congrats Arisa!

And if you’re someone who hasn’t yet picked up your own copy of this incredible book, what are you waiting for?

UNCG acquires archives of Augury Books and Brooklyn Arts Press

Statement from Joe Pan, Publisher of Augury Books:

Hello friends!

This is just a post announcing that we’ve sold the Brooklyn Arts Press / Augury Books archive to my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where all the books, proofs, pamphlets, awards, errata, and paraphernalia will be sifted through and studied by students of English, publishing, and creative writing, in perpetuity.

I couldn’t be happier that the archive has found a home here, where so many great writers hail from and have taught. This includes the famed editor Jim Clark, who allowed an under-read but ambitious undergraduate on as intern for the Greensboro Review and helped shape his future in publishing, and where great writers like Fred Chappell and Stuart Dischell and Lee Zacharias pushed me to study the craft of writing more extensively.

It’s really something to go through these boxes containing 15 years of something I started up in my kitchen, by self-publishing my first book. BAP has given me such pleasure and so many unforgettable memories over the years, introducing me to writers and artists beyond the scope of my imagining…and I really mean that, I didn’t imagine the extent to which BAP would be part of my life, nor where it would carry me. One can’t help but get nostalgic piecing through everything—57 published books between BAP and Augury Books, along with the 12 Kate Angus published with Augury before me. We’re so incredibly lucky that the fire/flood only took three of the fourteen boxes containing all these memories. I’ll rest easier knowing everything’s locked up in the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives.

My thanks goes out to Terry Kennedy, who helped float the idea, to Stacey Krim, Assistant Professor & Curator of Manuscripts, who has been helping me with ideas on how the archive might be catalogued and set up for presentation, and to Kathelene Smith, Carolyn Shankle, and Sarah-Esther Belinga of UNCG, who will be helping the archive as it expands. My thanks to my wife, Wendy Pan Millar, without whom BAP wouldn’t exist; Kate, without whom Augury wouldn’t exist; to the many writers of BAP and Augury, without whom this archive would not exist; and to you, readers of books, without whom books wouldn’t exist.