Soldier Quick with Rain, by David Joel Friedman

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Soldier Quick With Rain
David Joel Friedman

March, 2013
Poetry, 67 Pages

Paperback: $12

Ebook: $9

David Joel Friedman’s SOLDIER QUICK WITH RAIN, the winner of Augury Books’ Annual Editor’s Prize, is a book childlike in temperament, relaxed in constitution, bold in content and spontaneous in vision. Friedman masters the contradictory without calling attention to it, building a fascinating, yet familiar, world where his readers can comfortably settle in for a wholly unconventional experience.

David Joel Friedman reads from ‘Soldier Quick with Rain’

David Joel Friedman is the winner of Augury’s 2013 Editors’ Prize for his book, Soldier Quick with Rain. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and educated at Cornell and Columbia Universities. He won the 2004 National Poetry Series open competition for his book, The Welcome, selected by Stephen Dunn and published by University of Illinois Press in 2006.

I want to entangle your attention, leave you befuddled, get you to experience what David Joel Friedman is doing ….”
Daniel J. Leary, American Book Review

… a truly original and inventive poet whose love for language manifests itself with stunning results.”
— Geoffrey NutterThe Rose of January (Wave, 2013)