BEAST Reviewed in Philadelphia Review of Books

A detail from Photographs from a séance with Eva Carrière (1913), courtesy of Public Domain Review


Frances Justine Post’s BEAST (Augury Books, 2014) has recently been reviewed in the Philadelphia Review of Books. Poet Nina Puro examines the ways in which Post’s work questions the social boundaries and expectations of femininity.

Beast has an enigmatic interiority that plays out in an exploration of feminine selfhood and self-characterization. Post’s personas are shifting, complex, and increasingly vengeful as the book advances. […] Cecelia Bennett called Post’s work “frustrating” in Sabotage Review —this is accurate, but the frustration seems to me intentional: performance in protest. The frustration is not an occlusion to the reader—it’s a query. Post is not posturing to baffle or belittle; she is eliding definition in order to perplex, to incite curiosity. Post’s personas seek to dismantle; they will not be pinned down.”

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