Black Lives Matter

Dear friends and readers, we wanted to write and reaffirm our stance that Black Lives Matter

What’s happening across the country is incredible and necessary and long overdue. Millions of people have flooded the streets, taken to social media, toppled racist statues, raised their voices, and put their lives on the line to make change happen. It’s got to happen. We stand with the protestors’ calls to reimagine public safety and reform all systems and institutions that continue to threaten Black lives on a daily basis. We count ourselves among those examining our own personal culpability, simultaneously humbled and galvanized during these moments of self-interrogation as we contemplate what collective actions might best serve to dismantle the structural and systemic racism endemic to our culture. We are hopeful and determined as we join so many empowered others in fighting for racial justice and equality. Things must change, the movement can only be forward. Friends, we honor your marching and messaging and critiquing and having those hard conversations in this fight for progress—we promise to do the same.

To support Black voices and Black art, we urge our subscribers to buy books by Black authors from Black-owned independent bookstores, visit Black-owned galleries across the US, watch plays by Black writers, and listen to Black journalists discuss the media’s reckoning with racism and white supremacy. We would also suggest visiting NY Magazine‘s comprehensive web page for additional guidance on actions and funding suggestions in support of Black lives and communities of color.