A 'Thank You' + An Update

Photograph by Nicolas Amara

Photograph by Nicolas Amara

We’d like to take a moment to thank Pen & Brush for hosting our dual book launch this past Friday for You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened by Arisa White, and Say Something Nice About Me by Sara Schaff. Arisa’s book is now available online through Small Press DistributionSay Something Nice About Me will be available to the public through SPD come November 1st.


Many thanks, as well, to our wonderful designers, Mike Miller and Isabella Giancarlo, whose time and effort ensured these books printed just as beautifully as they read.


We’re very grateful to all who have followed us through the launch of our two newest titles. Please keep an eye on our (and our authors’) social media channels for upcoming material!

Pen & Brush Calls for eBook Submissions


A detail from 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō as Potted Landscapes (1848), courtesy of the Public Domain Review


Pen & Brush is currently accepting submissions of literary fiction and poetry, both short and long form, to be published on their website and/or in eBook format through their imprint, P&B Books. Pen & Brush is a 120-year old nonprofit dedicated to supporting women-identified artists and writers. Submissions are currently being accepted on a rolling, open basis, and will be judged by a rotating pool of literary arts curators. Their hope is to give exposure to writers who might otherwise have difficulty being recognized. For more information, including submission guidelines and legal details, see Pen & Brush’s site.

Augury’s own Kate Angus has recently joined Pen & Brush as a literary arts curator. Read an interview between her and P&B’s executive director, Janice Sands, on the Huffington Post.