American Book Review: Daniel J. Leary ‘Experiences’ David Joel Friedman’s SOLDIER QUICK WITH RAIN

Photo by Dave Bledsoe of Free Verse Photography

In the latest issue of the American Book Review, Daniel J. Leary talks about David Joel Friedman‘s SOLDIER QUICK WITH RAIN in his review “Promising Green Bear.” Leary says of reading Friedman’s book:

I made the mistake I warned you about … the misstep of trying to understand before experiencing … [until] I stopped shoving the stuff through the rational processor and let it flow through the prism of my imagination as I should have done to begin with.”

Leary encourages Friedman’s readers to open themselves up to a similar experience:

I want to entangle your attention, leave you befuddled, get you to experience what David Joel Friedman is doing ….”

Read the whole review by Daniel Leary via the American Book Review here.


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