Joe Pan’s Hiccups Reviewed in Publishers Weekly and Luna Luna Magazine

November has brought several pieces of news for Joe Pan’s Hiccups: favorable reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Luna Luna Magazine, as well as a #2 spot on Small Press Distribution’s best seller list last month (pictured below).

Meanwhile, the Publishers Weekly review focuses on Pan’s imagery in the form of “striking cinematography and use of perspective” and ends with the claim that Hiccups “presents new rewards with each reading.”

In Joanna C. Valente’s lengthier review, she points to Pan’s use of both directness and irony as a means of expressing colloquial tragedies native to his own city, New York, and beyond.

Everything in this collection is about nuance, contrasting the different selves and times, where human interaction is juxtaposed by nature both physical and intangible. Basically, Pan gracefully and poignantly connects and interweaves all the mysteries of our lives in such a way where it’s not just keenly observant, but fiercely unforgiving of the world around us.

Hiccups is available for purchase through Small Press Distribution online.

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