The Book of Lost Things, by Patrick Moran


The Book of Lost Things
Patrick Moran

February, 2012
Poetry, 72 Pages


THE RETIRED STRIPPED – She knows she can’t forget, that perhaps it might be a mistake to pretend, that some element must be preserved, that what she once was has some relevance to the creamcolored telephone she finds herself speaking into, to the two weeks of paid vacation, to the mirror fogged from a shower she has just stepped out of, and the mirror’s reflection of her body recovering itself.

THE RETIRED PICKPOCKET – He’s become his favorite target. When he sees himself coming, he feels for his wallet with his left hand while the right grabs his left by the wrist and calls for the cop he’s been trying to avoid for so long.

Patrick Moran is a 1995 graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. In addition to THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS(Augury Books, 2012), he is the author of three other books of poetry: TELL A PITIFUL STORY (MWPH, 2011), DOPPELGANGSTER, (Main Street Rag Press, 2012), RUMORS OF ORGANIZED CRIME, Poems & Plays’ 2013 Tennessee Chapbook Prize winner. He is also the author of “The Ampersand: Casual Vortex or Engraver’s Shortcut,” which appeared in the 2013 September issue of The Writer’s Chronicle. His poems and translations have appeared in many journals, including the New RepublicThe Antioch ReviewThe Prairie SchoonerThe Southern Review and The Boston Review. He is currently an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. He lives in Fort Atkinson, WI, with his wife, the painter Bethann Moran, and their three children.