Heroes Are Gang Leaders Performs at Howard University

From Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora (1807), courtesy of the Public Domain Review

“Heroes Are Gang Leaders” held a tribute concert at Howard University on April 12th, during which they performed “The Amiri Baraka Sessions.” Put together by Thomas Sayers Ellis and James Brandon Lewis, the group is composed of poets and musicians dedicated to sharing the story of social activist and writer Amiri Baraka. Among the poets featured were Augury’s Randall Horton and Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie. In the band were Luke Stewart (bass), Janice Lowe (piano and vocals), Catalina Gonzalez (guitar and vocals), Ryan Frazier (trumpet), Warren “Trae” Crudup (drums), and Margaret Morris (vocals). The complete recording of “The Amiri Baraka Sessions,” consisting of multiple six hour sessions, should be released later this year.

For the full press release from Howard University, visit their website.

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