Maureen Alsop & Joshua Gottlieb-Miller Collaborate on ‘Cloud’

Photo by Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography

Mantic author Maureen Alsop and Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, winner of the 2012 Indiana Review Poetry Prize, paired up to create this piece of poetic splendor, “Cloud,” via A-Minor Magazine. Thanks, all!

Read “Cloud” at A-Minor Magazine.

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Maureen Alsop, Ph.D., is the author of two full-length collections of poetry, Mantic and Apparition Wren, and several chapbooks. Maureen is an associate poetry editor for the online journal Poemeleon and Inlandia: A Literary Journal. She presently leads a creative writing workshop for the Inlandia Institute/Poets & Writers, and the Rooster Moans. Collaborative poems with poet, Joshua Gottlieb-Miller have recently appeared on Verse Daily, Contrary, Inertia, and Switchback.

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller is the winner of the 2012 Indiana Review Poetry Prize. He lives in Madison, WI, where he works as a writing center coordinator and grocer, and volunteers with the Writers in Prisons Project at Oakhill Correctional Institution.