Maureen Alsop Featured on Poetry.LA!

The Orangerie by James Gillray courtesy of the Public Domain Review

Maureen Alsop has recently been featured on Poetry.LA for her reading with Lissa Kiernan at Fourth Sundays. Fourth Sundays is a monthly poetry series held at the Claremont Library in California. Poets reading this month include Maurya Simon and Jennifer K. Sweeney. The poems read include “Butcher’s Wife” and “Spinnaker Shift,” both appearing in Apparition Wren. To watch the reading, head over to Poetry.LA!


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Maureen Alsop Featured in Touch the Donkey

An image from “The Flowers Personified” by J.J. Grandville, courtesy of the Public Domain Review

Poet Maureen Alsop (Mantic, Augury Books, 2013) has recently been featured in the fourth issue of Touch the Donkey, an online poetry magazine produced through above/ground press. Her poetry is presented among poets such as Laura Mullen and Lisa Jarnot.

To learn more about Touch the Donkey‘s latest issue, visit their site!

Maureen Alsop’s MANTIC

Maureen Alsop’s ‘Mantic’ Featured in Sundress Publications’ ‘Wardrobe’

A detail from ‘The Celestial Atlas of Flamsteed’ (1795), courtesy of the Public Domain Review

Maureen Alsop’s Mantic (Augury Books, 2013) is being featured in Sundress PublicationsThe Wardrobe this month.

Sundress Publications is a nonprofit publishing collective and host of several online journals. The Wardrobe is Sundress’ monthly feature that highlights the work of female-identified authors and their publishers. Each week the series features the work of a single author from an existing or forthcoming publication. Check out three poems by Alsop on this month’s The Wardrobe.

Learn more about Sundress and their ongoing work in the literary community.

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Maureen Alsop’s MANTIC Reviewed in Poetry Salzburg No. 26

Image from Shin-Bijutsukai, courtesy of The Public Domain Review

Maureen Alsop’s Mantic (Augury Books, 2013) has recently been reviewed in the University of Salzburg’s biannual Poetry Salzburg Review, based in Austria. British-American poet Robert Peake calls Alsop’s collection a “bewitching book of divinations.” Though the magazine is only available in print, subscriptions and individual issues, including issue 26, are available for purchase over at PSR’s site.

VIDEO & AUDIO: Maureen Alsop Publishes New Work Across Media, Countries

A detail from “Pollen Up Close” (1837), by Carl Julius Fritzsche, courtesy of Public Domain Review

Maureen Alsop (Mantic, Augury Books, 2013) has recently had several new pieces published online for the month of November. Spanning across text, sound, and video, as well as authorships and continents, they are a testament to the creative volume of Alsop’s work. See (and listen) below to receive a rounded view of her poetics.

 Read a poem in Constraint, issue 48 of Australian poetry review Cordite.

A six-poem collaboration with the late Hillary Gravendyk has recently been published at The Volta in Arizona.

Listen to “Ensign March,” a poem from Mantic, translated into sound via telephone for Chicago-based Weird Deer.

View two video poems, “Vetiver” and “Thou,” at The Continental Review, an online journal devoted to video poetry and poetics.

Maureen Alsop’s MANTIC

Negative Capability Press Publishes Maureen Alsop’s "Later, Knives & Trees"

Later, Knives & Trees by Maureen Alsop

Maureen Alsop (Mantic, Augury Books, 2013) has recently published a new full-length poetry collection entitled Later, Knives & Trees with Negative Capability Press. Praised by many, including E.C. Belli and the late Hillary Gravendyk, Later, Knives & Trees deals largely with subjects of grief and coping with death. We are glad to include a poem from that collection, “Sanctimony,” below.



You are a fine one after all— you among the beginnings are my beginning. Among delicate patterns of birds, sparks shepherding
Sun slim contrails like a small intimacy, the pewter sky’s glassy
impression toward night, a ritual with time. Perhaps dear,

I might judge the shadow of myself, the slight will of my shadow that keeps things just.

The dead live beneath the reach of snow—
without intimation I record collusions temporal heat. I keep record of your records.


Negative Capability Press was founded in Mobile, Alabama and has been publishing award-winning books since 1981. They are a Member of APSS: Association of Publishers for Special Sales (formerly SPAN). More information on the press, as well as Later, Knives & Trees, can be found at their website.

VIDEO and AUDIO: New Work from Maureen Alsop in ‘Menacing Hedge,’ ‘Your Impossible Voice,’ and More

Image courtesy of Fred J, Wikimedia Commons

Maureen Alsop (Mantic, Augury Books, 2013) has emerged with new pieces in her short video series for literary journal Your Impossible Voice. “Portentum” and “Esopus” now join “Sweepspear” and “Terrestris” to complete the YIV series.

Watch the videos for “Portentum” and “Esopus” here; find out more about YIV here.

Also, listen to Alsop read four new poems in this summer’s edition of Menacing Hedge, and check out her new work in First Literary Review-East.

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Maureen Alsop’s MANTIC Reviewed in ‘Prick of the Spindle’; New Material in Superstition Review

Photo by Nicolas Amara

The latest issue of the Alabama-based quarterly Prick of the Spindle features a review of Maureen Alsop’s Mantic (Augury Books, 2013) by poet Christopher R. Vaughan, who speaks of the themes in Mantic and how they function:

‘Mantic’ means ‘of or relating to the faculty of divination: prophetic,’ according to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. Alsop’s collection is indeed largely a tour of mantic poems whose helpful subtitles state the exact type of divination being attempted . . . . Mantic is a fascinating and consistently inventive exploration into the depths of experience. There is an ocean of feeling here, and the collection is at its most successful when the author brings a clear shape to the painful and dark currents running through the book.”

Read the full review here.

While you’re at it, check out this collection of wonderful new guest posts, podcasts, and poems by Alsop on this spring’s Superstition Review.


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PICS: Maureen Alsop Wins Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award, Reads at Berl’s in Brooklyn

Augury’s own Maureen Alsop (MANTIC, Augury Books, 2013) is the new recipient of the Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award, which, in conjunction with the Hawai’i Council for the Humanities (HCH), annually recognizes an accomplished poet with an outstanding body of work. HCH and Tony shared the vision that:

“the words we know, all the words we have acquired along the ways of connecting them in all our respective cultures, are nothing less than the irreducible expression of a singular nature we call human.” —Tony Quagliano

Poet Devreaux Baker, last year’s winner of the Tony Quagliano Award and primary judge for this year, had this to say about Maureen Alsop’s work:

“Maureen Alsop creates a world where language and rhythm form a perfect ‘fusion.’ This poetry that is both inventive and elegant and yet never loses emotional depth…. As a reader I felt I was being taken on an extraordinary journey in which I was offered new and unexpected ways to experience the world. Throughout all the poems there is the underlying beauty of expression; a sense of real joy that is felt by a poet pushing the limits, bypassing boundaries, creating whole new territories of the mind, heart, and voice.”

Also this week, more pictures from Maureen’s recent reading with fellow writers Julie Carr, Sasha Steensen, and Graeme Bezanson at Berl’s Poetry Shop in Brooklyn. Thanks to everyone that came out, and congratulations again to Maureen Alsop!

Augury’s Maureen Alsop reads from MANTIC at Berl’s Poetry Shop












Sasha Steensen (HOUSE OF DEER, Fence Books) reads at Berl’s Poetry Shop


















Julie Carr (RAG, Omnidawn) reads at Berl’s Poetry Shop
















Founding Editor of ColdfrontGraeme Bezanson reads at Berl’s Poetry Shop









Find out more about the readers and the event  here on Berl’s site.

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Cleaver Magazine Reviews Maureen Alsop’s MANTIC

Photo by Dave Bledsoe of FreeVerse Photography

Cleaver Magazine‘s Matthew Girolami reviews MANTIC (Augury Books, 2013) by Maureen Alsop, wherein, according to Girolami, “both the divine and the worldly share the same page.” Girolami continues:

“As the ‘-mancy’ titles suggest, Mantic is as a much a lexical read (or listen—read aloud) as it is an exploration of reaction; Mantic is beautiful for its teaching verse and for its honesty: with poem after poem inspired by divining, Alsop points to the many ways humanity has attempted to shape the world in its favor, whether that favor comes from desire or fear. As a result, the poems shift from their theses and speak less of divining and prediction than what innately drives these practices and, ultimately, humanity.” —Matthew Girolami, Cleaver Magazine — Read the full review here

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