June 7: Frances Justine Post Reads at Fowler Project Space in Brooklyn

Frances Justine Post (BEAST, 2014) will be reading on Saturday, June 7th at 6 p.m. at the Fowler Project Space in Brooklyn. The reading, “Bonus Round,” organized by Luke Degnan and sponsored by BOMB Magazine, is the culminating event in the month-long Fowler “Game Show” exhibition, which “examines how the games we play mirror the human condition.” The exhibition includes video, installation, sculpture, photography, and collage by featured artists Ted Carey, Susan Fang, Kurt Freyer, Elizabeth Hoy, Shanjana Mahmud, Emilie Selden, and BEAST cover artist Cecelia Post.

For the Bonus Round reading, Justine Post will be joined by Jack Christian (FAMILY SYSTEM), Michael Coffey (ELEMENOPY and 87 NORTH, Coffee House Press), poet and critic Vincent Katz, and author and Conjunctions managing editor Micaela Morrissette.

Don’t miss Bonus Round and the last night of the Game Show exhibition! Find out all you need to know about the event and the readers here on Fowler’s site.

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