Augury Books Nominated for Beyond the Margins' 'Above and Beyond' Award

A selection from Shin-Bijutsukai, 1901-02. Courtesy of the Public Domain Review


Augury Books has recently been nominated for the Above and Beyond Award, started by Boston-based writers’ blog Beyond the Margins to recognize the work of organizations that make a great contribution to the writing community. Due to such a large number of nominees and nominations, Beyond the Margins has decided to showcase all nominees on their website. It is an honor to be included among such organizations as Cave Canem, the New York Writers Workshop, and PEN Center USA. Unfortunately, Beyond the Margins has also just recently ended their journey as a web resource for the writing community. We deeply thank those who nominated and and voted for us to be a part of the last round of this award.

Randall Horton Featured in OF NOTE magazine

From Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora courtesy of the Public Domain Review

Randall Horton has been featured in The Imprisoned Issue of OF NOTE magazine. OF NOTE magazine is an online journal that features individuals using the arts to promote social activism. Sally-Ann Hard, in reviewing Horton’s work, discusses the importance of spreading awareness about life in prison.

Randall Horton’s poems are the work of a knowing, compassionate witness. He lays out reasons why we should care, why we should be moved to action and why our treatment of people who are imprisoned is an indictment against our moral, ethical and societal values. Writing, in part to relieve the guilt of the choices he made in his own past, his poems ask us to question what kind of justice we have.

We need these poems.”

Read the full review here.

Randall Horton’s book is forthcoming from Augury Books in 2015. Read more on Horton.

A Poem from Rachel Mannheimer

From Fortunio Liceti’s Monsters (1665), courtesy of the Public Domain Review


This is an important bird area.
Call the chickadees by their name—

dee dee—

Say grebe and it’s the sadness
in their throats.

The mudflats just quietly moan.

Some men have gone for the flanks—
teeth sinking like a fence into mud.

Others trail saliva from the ruby of the neck.

The Tlingits took their formlines
from the markings at the eyes,

Coverts of wing and tail
and the way the wood grooves.

I saw it in a dream—

Shapes flying off the birds,
the dark geometry of blankets.

The signs where you’re allowed to walk
and where you won’t be recognized.


Rachel Mannheimer is an Alaska-born, New York-based writer and book editor. Her poems are generally closely guarded in an accordion file in her home.

Alicia Jo Rabins Wins 2015 APR/Honickman First Book Prize

Alicia Jo Rabins, friend of Augury Books and reader at our 2014 offsite AWP event, has won the American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize for 2015.

The winning manuscript, Divinity School, will be published in September with distribution by Copper Canyon Press through Consortium. Read “Chute” from Divinity School, which has previously appeared on our site.

Find out more about Rabins and the Book Prize.

Maureen Alsop’s ‘Mantic’ Featured in Sundress Publications’ ‘Wardrobe’

A detail from ‘The Celestial Atlas of Flamsteed’ (1795), courtesy of the Public Domain Review

Maureen Alsop’s Mantic (Augury Books, 2013) is being featured in Sundress PublicationsThe Wardrobe this month.

Sundress Publications is a nonprofit publishing collective and host of several online journals. The Wardrobe is Sundress’ monthly feature that highlights the work of female-identified authors and their publishers. Each week the series features the work of a single author from an existing or forthcoming publication. Check out three poems by Alsop on this month’s The Wardrobe.

Learn more about Sundress and their ongoing work in the literary community.

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Augury Editor Kate Angus Featured in Best New Poets 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Augury Books founding editor Kate Angus has been included in the 2014 edition of the Best New Poets anthology. Since 2005, each edition of the series has contained fifty poems by poets who have not yet published a collection of poetry, making it both a unique publication and a powerful resource for rising poets and fans of contemporary poetry alike.

The series is edited by poet Jazzy Danziger and this year’s anthology was guest edited by Dorianne Laux who selected the winning poems out of approximately 300-350 semi-finalists. Other poets feature in the 2014 anthology include Miriam Bird Greenberg, Christopher Citro, Jacques J. Rancourt, and Annik Adey-Babinski. Best New Poets 2014 can be ordered from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Halina Duraj Launches New Site!

From “The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents” (1658), courtesy of The Public Domain Review

Congrats to Halina Duraj (The Family CannonAugury Books, 2014) on the launch of her new website. Additionally, we are proud to announce that The Family Cannon has been selected to be a part of the San Diego Library’s 49th Annual Local Author Exhibit later this month. Visit for links to Duraj’s stories, interviews, reviews on her work, and updates on her events.

More on THE FAMILY CANNON by Halina Duraj (2014)

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