Fiction Writers Review on Halina Duraj’s ‘The Family Cannon’

The Fiction Writers Review has posted a lovely piece by Matthew Batt on Halina Duraj’s THE FAMILY CANNON (available here). Read an excerpt: The miracle of this book, calling to mind Anthony Doerr’s recent Memory Wall, is that Duraj manages to distill the historical, cultural, familial, and interpersonal experience of love, memory, and pain in ten crystalline […]

PICS: 2014 Launch Party for BEAST and THE FAMILY CANNON at Berl’s Poetry Shop

A sincere and enthusiastic thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night, despite bitter cold and hazardous ice, to celebrate the launch of Augury Books’ 2014 poetry collection, BEAST, by Frances Justine Post, and debut fiction book, THE FAMILY CANNON, by Halina Duraj. A special thank you to Berl’s Poetry Shop for an […]

This Friday, Jan 24 — Launch Party for BEAST and THE FAMILY CANNON

You’ve saved the date, you’ve told your friends. Now all you have to do is show up at 7 pm on Friday, Jan 24, to Augury Books’ 2014 launch party for our new books: Frances Justine Post’s BEAST, and Halina Duraj’s THE FAMILY CANNON, Augury’s first fiction publication. Enjoy the friends, the wine, and the readings […]

Halina Duraj Preview: Read Excerpt from THE FAMILY CANNON Then Pre-Order!

From “Tenants,” THE FAMILY CANNON by Halina Duraj My mother scrubbed the blood all evening. She dipped the hard-bristled brush in a bucket of ammonia while my father ate pork chops and sauerkraut at the kitchen table. She came downstairs to make him a cup of tea—he’d never made one for himself—and she turned on the TV […]

The Family Cannon, by Halina Duraj

Hear Frances Justine Post read her introductory poem, “Self-Portrait as Beast,” from her brand new book, BEAST, available for order from Small Press Distribution (see link below). . Book Trailer for BEAST by Frances Justine Post from Cecelia Post on Vimeo. . . Order BEAST now from Small Press Distribution! . More About BEAST and Frances Justine Post In BEAST, Frances Justine Post […]


. . Purchase THE FAMILY CANNON   . More About THE FAMILY CANNON and Halina Duraj, Winner of the 2014 O. Henry Prize for “Fatherland” The debut collection by author Halina Duraj brings readers an American family, strikingly individual but recognizable to us all—as strange and familiar as home. An escalating neighborhood feud takes an unanticipated turn. A […]

Now Available for Pre-Order: 2014’s ‘Beast’ and ‘The Family Cannon’

PRE-ORDER BELOW: Beast by Frances Justine Post (Poetry, January 2014) AND The Family Cannon by Halina Duraj (Fiction, January 2014) Beast by Frances Justine Post (Poetry, January 2014) There is plenty of Circe, and plenty of Caliban, too, in the poems of Frances Justine Post’s book BEAST. Carl Jung would have nodded in affirmation at the way […]

Augury Books’ Fiction Publication Will Be ‘The Family Cannon’ by Halina Duraj

      Hello friends and fellow lovers of the arts. We were amazed and overwhelmed by the quality of your work; an ardent and sincere thank you goes out to all of you who trusted us with your manuscripts. We are pleased to announce that we have selected Halina Duraj’s The Family Cannon as our inaugural […]


Who’s Your Daddy Arisa White Poetry / Memoir A lyrical, genre-bending coming-of-age tale featuring a queer, Black, Guyanese American woman who, while seeking to define her own place in the world, negotiates an estranged relationship with her father.   “This beautifully, honestly conceived genius of a book shook me to the core.” —Dara Wier & […]